24K Gold CBD:CBG
Transdermal Spray

Our proprietary 24K Gold Transdermal Delivery System ensures that the potent blend of 500 mg CBD and 50 mg CBG is absorbed effectively through your skin. Magnesium helps to target those stubborn aches and pains directly at the source. Beyond pain relief, our formula includes Hyaluronic Acid to rejuvenate your skin – leaving you with that soft, supple, and refreshed feeling.

Product Information
NAME24K Gold CBD:CBG Transdermal Spray
CBD500 mg
CBG50 mg

Experience Luxury and Relief with 24K Gold-Infused CBD + Magnesium + Hyaluronic Acid Pain Relief Transdermal Spray. This remarkable formula combines cutting-edge science with opulent luxury, offering you easy access to one of our most popular pain-relieving products.

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